Privacy Policy

I am privacy-conscious, and I am against any form of non-essential personal data collection.

This site is a static site (it is just like a bunch of posters on show). It has no scripts and does not collect any information from you.

Note: if you email me, you inevitably reveal your email address and your name (not necessarily your real name), which are necessary for communication but are not considered sensitive information.


A Little Segway

If you are interested in preserving a bit of privacy where you can, you could check out for a list of privacy-focused apps and services than you could try. In principle, use end-to-end-encryption (E2EE) apps and services wherever you can, block tracking when browsing the web and limit apps’ access to your phone’s sensors as much as possible (or turn the sensors off completely).

Have fun and enjoy the internet the way it’s meant to be.