Research in the Lab

In our lab, we take a holistic, ‘EPIC’ approach to the study of language and cognition.

Language is not just a symbolic system that indexes and structures ‘meaning’ for communication; it is an extension of our minds and an instrument of our existence.

Our research is organised in four interrelated topics E –> P –> I –> C:

Embodied Cognition
We are all born a blank canvas. We learn about the world and ourselves through our body (e.g,. the senses, affect, interoception, introception). These embodied experiences are the foundation of who we are.
Embodied experiences are compressed, structured and extended by language. How does language work as a symbolic system and how does it interface with psychological processes?
Inner Speech
A sensorimotor manifestation of language and thoughts. Why do we generate and perceive inner speech? Is it instrumental to cognition and consciousness, or is it a by-product of thinking?
Many animals appear to have conscious awareness of their physical but only humans appear to have a sense of the self. Why do we need self-awareness? How do we ‘know’ ourself? What is language’s role in our subjective existence?